12newchapter - 2020

You Only Live Once

The reason behind my 12 new chapters

This year I decided that my new year's resolution will be to try new things or do somethings that I have never done before. One new chapter every month, which I will share with you. What makes someone, like me, write a blog about this? I am a mum working full time in an office in Brighton. I am from Hungary and married an English man. My daughter is 5 years old. We live in a house with a beautiful garden in a great peaceful area. What more could you wish for?! When I look at my daughter it makes me remember, that when you are at her age, you don't have a concept of time, age, responsibility. You do things because you want to, and when you want to, and it's enough and you are happy. When someone tells you, you can't do that desired thing because it's silly, or you don't have time for that, or you cannot fit it in that day, because you have to shop, clean, study, visit someone, catch a bus... etc. it makes me think that the world is rushing in the 21st century and soon she will be sucked in it. When I think of myself, I try and fit in this world too. I am working hard, tryig to be a good mum, be there for my husband, be there for my friends, be a good employee, provide and give. I am 34, and I don't feel old, yet I live a life, where you bearly have time for anything. Sometimes my parents old days start playing in front of my eyes when they worked to provide but didn't have time to enjoy.

My mum is 60, yet she still gets on a plane from Hungary at least 3 times a year travels across Europe to see us. She is in good health, and since my father passed away she lives on her own. She is trying to get the best out of life. She lives in a small town in Hungary, she is retired 2 years ago. Yet I still have to almost book an appointment to speak to her because she spys out the free and amazing cultural events, speeches, festivals, carnivals and participates in everything. This made me think, although I have a fulfilled life as a mum, as a wife, as an employee, surrounded with a loving husband, a loving daughter and lots of friends, still I say no to things too often, just because I don't have time...

Here is the truth: We should have time, we need to make time and enjoy life rather than just letting it to pass by us. So I decided to write about my year of new things that I will try or do which I kept saying no to because I didn't have time. It is important you don't lose yourself in this fast pace environment because when the kids grow older, and fly out and you find yourself in a quiet house, you may not be able to do all the things you once had the chance to do. When you wait till you retire to see the world you may find the world changed or you are not as mobile as once you were, lots of things can happen and you only live once. Also people will not be around forever. Grab the opportunities when they are presented to you and see the beauty in the sunshine. I hope I will be able to show you that little things matter in the bigger picture.